Ekincik Bay, one of the main frequent points of the boats traveling between Marmaris and Gocek, started to crowd rapidly after being connected to Köyceğiz by a wide asphalt road. The beach and pier are filled with hotels and hostels large and small. To go to Ekincik by road, you travel from Köyceğiz via Hamitköy with a delicious view of the lake. When you leave Hamitköy and climb the first long ramp after crossing the bridge, take a view break on the hill, take a photo if you are curious. If the plain in Kersele Bay comes early in the morning and you think of having breakfast, why not try it. When you get to the level of Prison Island, look carefully at the pine trees, and you'll see that the trees are whitened like a big, grayed-out human being. The reason for this bleaching is bird droppings. But this bird is not one of those "little birds" you know. In Turkey, very diminished eagles have taken up residence here. It's just a sight to see from this kind of eagle in all four parts of the world. If you wait patiently, you may have the chance to see an eagle gliding from the rocks towards the lake.

If you turn left when the road leaves the lake, you will go to Sultaniye Hot Springs. If you continue, you've left the lake and the road continues through the forest.  And it starts climbing. Behind, the view of The Village Lake disappears, comes out. When you go up the hill and start going downhill, this time you see the dreaded beauty of Ekincik bay.  First you cross the quaint Ekincik Village in the greenery. Then you go up to a bay that's sparkling and doesn't drown in the crowds of facilities, but where construction is going to increase in a short time. You're surrounded by forest, front of you, beach and sea. The beach is beautiful, the sea is very clean. A little stream divides the beach. The owners don't like this little stream because it reaches the sea in winter by drawing S's on the beach and, in the meantime, spoils the beach, but we think it adds pleasantness to the beach. Where the road reaches the shore, there is a suitable pier for docking the yachts and a small buffet where they can meet the needs of the yachts. The pier is also the port of connection of boats carrying day passengers to Dalyan.

A few suggestions for those who want to stay in Ekincik and take a day trip to the surrounding area. Boats affiliated with ekincik cooperative organize tours to Dalyan Iztuzu beach, the ancient city of Kaunos and the mud bath. They leave in the morning and come back in the afternoon. Another option is for those who rely on their feet and breath; You can leave Ekincik and take a mountain hike to the ancient city of Kaunos via çandir village.