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Iztuzu Beach, which consists of a very long sandy beach that extends to the mediterranean sea of Dalyan, is a protected area where sea turtles lay eggs, which is one of the few places in the world.
Kaunos was first discovered by English Rd. Hoskyn. During his visit in 1840, Hoskyn concluded that the region was the city of Kaunos from the inscription "Kaunos people and assembly" on a written block. The most important feature of the ancient city is the rock tombs that stand tall even today. According to The Amasya geographer Strabon, there were shipyards in Kaunos and a port below the Acropoli
The mud bath, which is a very popular stop for foreign tourists, is always colorful and crowded, which creates a convenient opportunity for great photos. You can immortalize this fun moment with the photos you take before and after you dive into the mud, and you have an excuse to get into this mud, which is said to be good for your skin. You can jump on a boat departing from Dalyan Boat Cooperativ
Few caretta carettas survive, faced with many dangers until they hatch and reach the sea. The Caretta Carettas, whose lifespan is thought to be approximately 50 - 60 years, come to Iztuzu Beach again when they reach reproductive maturity after opening up to the high seas and wandering the world's seas, and they mate in the same place and lay their eggs for the continuation of the generation.
Located at the foot of The Can't Die mountain in the south west of Köyceğiz Lake, Sultaniye Hot Springs dates back thousands of years. It is known to have been used by Kaunos in 100 BC. During the Byzantine period, accommodation facilities were expanded.
Köyceğiz is one of 13 districts located on the borders of Mugla province. According to the 2016 census, nearly 35,000 people live in the district. It is seen that the rain lasts for two or three months in winter in Köyceğiz, which is the place where the most rain falls after Rize in Turkey.
Ekincik Bay, one of the main frequent points of the boats traveling between Marmaris and Gocek, started to crowd rapidly after being connected to Köyceğiz by a wide asphalt road. The beach and pier are filled with hotels and hostels large and small. To go to Ekincik by road, you travel from Köyceğiz via Hamitköy with a delicious view of the lake.
Sandras mountain, 2294 m high, is the highest mountain around Mugla. Round Tea, one of the teas that feeds the village lake, emerges from a hollow at the foot of this mountain. It's a natural wonder. The most beautiful restaurant in the region is built among the old plane trees, where you can get rid of the scorching heat of summer and sit with your family and groups of friends and spend pleasant
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